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This is the second time I've used Backlinks Packets and have to say how refreshing it is to find an SEO company that delivers in such a prompt and efficient way.

With this experience, I now know that whatever service I order it's going to be delivered on-time and be of high quality. It's reassuring to know that I can simply place an order, then sit back as my website's link building etc is being attended to without any fuss at all.

The only dilemma is how spoilt for choice you are!

My niche is extremely competitive, 'The Law of Attraction' and I need to use high search keywords. Well, after only a short while my website appeared higher in the SERPs and as of today my site's sitting nicely on page 2 of Google and still rising!

I look forward to continued success with Backlinks Packets and no doubt achieve page one status in the very near future. I'll definitely be returning, that's for sure.

Thank you guys - you're a lifesaver.

All the best, Raymond Cowie,

I have been a webmaster for eight years. Over that time, it became more complex to maintain my search engine ranking with constant changes in the technical and social environment of the world wide web. At one time, there was no Facebook, there was no Twitter, there was no keyword density or complex algorithm for search engines. You created a site, added your keywords to the meta tags and uploaded. Today it is not so simple and much more time consuming.

Even if I had the skills to handle all of today's SEO services, I don't have the time. It became apparent that making time to maintain and run my site while doing my own SEO work was beyond the ability of a one man site. I needed to hire a staff, but that wasn't in the budget. I heard of SEO services but none seem to provide the personal touch I was looking for. That changed when I found Back Link Packets. It wasn't just a place for my SEO needs, but they also provided social networking services that are vital in today's networking environment. Within minutes I was a customer. Backlinks Packets was the staff of SEO experts I was looking for.

If you are reading this, you don't have to take my word for it. Just look at the services Backlinks Packets provides. Link Bating! Come on, who would have ever thought about Link Baiting. Backlinks Packets sets the tone and is ready to provide services beyond normal SEO practices. They cover it all. It is a one stop site for all of your SEO and Social Networking needs.

I want to say, thank you, Backlinks Packets, for providing not only the services I needed, but for thinking out side the box to help keep my site on top.

Sincerely, Stevie,

Ever since I have started using the services of Backlinks Packets, there is an amazing change in the ranking of my websites. I am getting more hits, the sales are good and the business is booming.

My sincere thanks to the team at backlinks packets for showing me the right direction and offering me the right guidance. I never knew I could get such amazing results in such a short time!

Everett, Washington Jason Hall,

I came across backlinkspackets on web and wasn't sure of what I would get form them. Nevertheless I decided to try them out as their services for article submission was very affordable. And today I am glad I made the right choice.

The ranking of my webhosted has gone higher in just 2 weeks! Thanks to the whole team at backlinks packets and for the great work they have done.

Antioch, California Donald Parker,

I'm so glad I found Backlinks Packets as I was ready to give up on my online marketing efforts! I've built several sites over recent months and have enjoyed the writing and 'creative' side. As we all know, getting a site ranked and appearing high in searches takes a huge amount of work - and let's face it, it's often tedious, repetitive work! Submitting to directories and building backlinks takes hours of work to get good results.

I've tried 'cheaper' services and used software tools but just wasn't seeing results. Backlinks Packets has really delivered and a couple of my sites have moved from pages 6-7 of Google to page 1 since I started using their services. The customer support is second to none and whenever I raise a query I always get a fast response and one that assures me I'm dealing with experts in their field.

Since using the backlinking services I've moved on to using Backlinks Packets article writing and submission service. As I expected, the service has been far more effective than those I've used in the past and this is something I'll definitely be using more in the future. Don't believe anyone who tells you article marketing is dead! My results have been excellent with a marked increase in traffic.

Backlinks Packets offers a wide range of services and is a real 'one stop shop' for SEO, content creation and design. They offer excellent service and I see them as an extension of my own business now.


I took the services of BacklinksPackets for my SEO objectives. And I must say I have never looked back ever since. With the rankings high, more number of visitors, needless to say, the sales graph is going up in the last few weeks. I think I am going to stick with these guys forever!

I must admit my website ranking had never been so high before.

South Bend, Indiana Jeff Moore,

Getting listed in the top of the search engine's results page requires a great amount of strategy and only an experienced company who understand the intricacies of organic optimization can accomplish such a feat. Our company's objectives included creating an online presence using nothing else but organic traffic from search engines such as google, yahoo, etc.

With so many search engine optimization firms out there it was very difficult to find a competent firm that had the experience required to help us achieve these search engine placement goals.

Washington Mark Delorey,

After doing an extensive amount of research I discovered I was pleased to receive a prompt reply to my initial inquiry and after deciding to give them a try, I was surprised to find our web site on the first page of google using three of our most highly targeted keywords within 2 weeks of signing up for their services.

The communication was excellent every step of the way and after seeing how high they were able to place our web site in the search engines in such a short amount of time, the results really do speak for themselves. I would recommend their services to others, without hesitation.

Canada Richard,

My deepest thanks the dedicated team at BacklinksPackets! We really don't where we had be today had it not been for their help and guidance. They really have the right expertise and the hardworking team to meet the challenging seo requirements of today.

Our websites and sales were heading in no direction. But with the help of Backlinks Packets, our sales graph is only getting higher and higher!

Thanks once again!

Centennial, Colorado Michelle Turner,