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Privacy Policy

BacklinksPackets is committed to guarding and protecting its user's right to privacy. Backlinkspackets which is also referred as guarantees that all the information submitted by the users in this website, will be hundred percent private and confidential. The information shared by the users in the aforementioned website will not be used for any other commercial purposes. The information users provide here will be used only for official communication purposes and to provide the users with satisfactory services. All questions and concerns relating to the privacy policy can be directed to Vintila at Visitors that make use of this website agree to accept the privacy policy of the company and agree that the user will not hold liable for any privacy related issues that are outside the scope of this policy or due to lack of adequate computer security measures in the users' computers. also shall not be held liable for issues raising by clicking any third party websites if and any listed in the above website as the company does not monitor the third party websites that may be listed here in this website.

Like all standard websites, uses cookies feature to gather information about the users. However, the information gathered here will not be linked to the individuals in any way. all the information gathered here are used only to understand the demographics of the visitors and to further improve the marketing efforts of the company based on the information gathered.

The company also gathers information such as name of the visitor, billing address, contact information, login and password for customer accounts through web form or contact form. The above information will be used purely for official purposes and the customer data will not be sold to any third parties. will make use of the personal data supplied by the visitors with the intention of placing the orders from the company to process the orders and to communicate with the customers during the execution of the orders including sending order confirmation and notification mails. may also send periodically send newsletters to registered users to the email address registered with the option to opt out of the newsletter subscription. does not send any spam mails to the registered users. takes all the standard security measures to provide the visitors with very safe environment while browsing at Though we have taken adequate security measures, as per accepted industry standards it is a known fact no internet communication is 100% safe. So does not guarantee 100% security to the users as there are numerous other parameters coming into play here such as the nature of the internet connection used and the users' own computer security measures. is free to change its privacy policies any time without prior intimation. All the latest changes will be promptly updated in this page and it is the responsibility of the users to keep themselves up to date with the latest privacy policy of the company. - Refund Policy

Backlinkspackets as one of the most trusted and honest SEO and link building service provider tries to keep its policies including its Refund Policy highly transparent. Do take time to review the terms and conditions of our refund policy. tries to improve its services from customer feedback. If you happen to find any problems or issues with our services we encourage you to get in touch with us immediately so that we can rectify the issues at the earliest. Once you get in touch with our company with your concerns we will get back to you within 24 hours. We try to offer immediate resolutions to your concerns. We have earned very positive reputation in the industry on the quality of the services we offer.

In case of refund related issues we request you to review the company's Refund Policy in full prior to submitting your refund application.

You can seek for refund in the following scenarios:

  • Accidental purchase of the service for the same website or URL more than once.
  • Cancellation of order prior to the commencement of the service. reserves the right to reject refund requests in the following situations:

  • Refund requests placed immediately after receiving the service or the final report.
  • Changing one's mind regarding the usage of our services after receiving the service even if the user promises not to use the content provided by the company.
  • Cancellation of the service without adequate supporting reasons.
  • Cancellation of the service stating the non-availability of features that are not promised by the company and features that are not listed in list of features pertaining to the service or services chosen.

About cookies

BacklinksPackets Web sites may use cookies for internal reporting. Cookies are a standard Internet technology that allow us to both store and retrieve login information on a user's system. Other companies which place advertising on our site also have the ability to assign their cookies to you in a process that BacklinksPackets does not control. However, cookies cannot be used to identify individuals, only machines, so these advertisers will not know who you are - and BacklinksPackets will not tell them without your consent.

We do not link the information we store in cookies to any personally identifiable information you submit while on our site.

Use of Email and URL Addresses Collected from Free Submission or META Tags Generator.

Email and URL addresses used for our free submission and free META Tag generator are logged in a log file for tracking purposes and will not be used to send unsolicited email. The email addresses and URL addresses are forwarded in real time to various search engines via the free submission page. We have made sure in advance that the search engines we submit to do not use this information to send unsolicited email. However, please note that a few of these search engines may send you an auto response, confirming your submission

Use of Email Addresses Collected from Newsletter and Mailing List Subscriptions.

After signing up to receive any of BacklinksPackets Newsletters or mailing lists by email, users will start receiving newsletters or emails delivered on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, as well as occasional product-related announcements. Note that every subscriber will go through a double opt-in process to make sure that no one gets subscribed accidentally. After a subscriber signs up on one of our sign up forms a confirmation email will be sent to the subscriber. The subscriber will only be added to our database when they confirm their subscription by replying to this email.

On BacklinksPackets Web sites that offer newsletters, we collect subscribers' email addresses in order to distribute those newsletters and product-related announcements. In addition, BacklinksPackets has entered into agreements with a number of other companies to distribute BacklinksPackets newsletters and mailing lists to users on their systems. BacklinksPackets newsletters and mailing lists are also offered in a number of Newsletter Partner sites, all of which require a user's email address for distribution. In the case of those email addresses collected by our Partners, email addresses are either forwarded to us for maintenance by BacklinksPackets, or are kept and maintained exclusively by our Partners under privacy conditions acceptable to BacklinksPackets. If you are concerned about the privacy policies of a Newsletter Partner site, please contact the webmaster of that site.

Users can choose to unsubscribe from BacklinksPackets newsletters or product-related announcements at any time by following the unsubscribe instructions found in each email.