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Increase your chance of being part of Most Reputed Web Directory on net.

  • What is DMOZ listing and why it is so important for your website? DMOZ is one of the most popular directories on the web which was originally known as Open Directory Project. This is a human edited directory and unlike other human edited directory, it is very difficult to get listed in DMOZ. This directory has very stringent submission guidelines and only websites that comply with these guidelines get listed here. Every day thousands of submissions are made to DMOZ from various parts of the world and from various niche industries. Not all these websites are included in the search results but only those websites that exactly match the submission guidelines are included.
  • Many webmasters spend several days making multiple submissions to DMOZ without any success. If you want to improve your ranking in Google, you will have to make sure that your website is listed in this directory as this will have a very significant impact on your search engine ranking as far as Google is concerned. Top search engines like Google make use of the listings in DMOZ. This is a very important factor to note, when you get listed in DMOZ, your chances of getting listed in Google will also be enhanced because Google relies on the DMOZ listings.
  • Rather than wasting your time on getting your website listed in DMOZ, you can entrust this need to us and you can focus on something more crucial for your business which you cannot possibly outsource. The next important factor that you should notice here is that when you hire our DMOZ listing service we will take care of everything from the creation of the title for the submissions to the identification of the right categories for the submissions. We will assist you every step until your website is submitted to DMOZ. Though our DMOZ listing assistance service does not guarantee DMOZ listing our services certainly improve the chances of getting listed in DMOZ. You do not have to waste several hours in this regard anymore or spend a lot of money to get your website listed. Moreover, there are no paid inclusions with DMOZ. The only way to get your website listed in DMOZ is through following the submission guidelines. We have worked with all types of websites and we also have vast experience with DMOZ. Our experts will be most accurately identifying the categories for submission.
  • You need to pay just a very nominal fee for DMOZ listing service. You will be able to see your website listed easily with our assistance. We will complete this service is seven days and send you the screen shot on the submission made. If you make any mistakes in the submission at DMOZ your website will be rejected. As our experts deal with DMOZ day in and day out, we know how to go about the submission process successfully. What more do you need? We will provide you with the best DMOZ listing service at an affordable price.

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This package is designed to submit your site to the DMOZ directory.
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