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Key Features & FAQ - Social Bookmarking Service

Some of the main features of our Social Bookmarking Service :

Fully manual social bookmarking submissions.

Absolute one way links.

Carefully selected social bookmarking sites.

Social bookmarking sites with high PR.

Indexable back links.

Proven rate of success.

Improved online visibility.

Dependable approach to link building.

Free detailed report after the completion of the package.


Do you make use of spam free approach to social bookmarking?

A. Our company is one of the most professional social bookmarking service providers on the web. We offer premium quality services and we always make sure that the social bookmarks are done based on the industry’s best practices. You will therefore not have to worry about spamming.

Does your company have adequate experience in offering social bookmarking service?

A. Yes, our company has vast experience in offering social bookmarking service. We always deliver our customers with the most impressive social bookmarking service.

How is your social bookmarking service priced?

A. We take pride in bringing you the social bookmarking services at the most competitive prices. We have number of packages to suit your budget and your link building requirements. We deliver the best results at the cheapest prices.

Does your company make manual submissions to the social bookmarking sites?

A. Yes, all the social bookmarks will be done manually. You will never have to worry about auto submissions when you hire our social bookmarking services. If you want to improve your ranking in Google, you should make your social bookmarks in the most search engine friendly way.

Will the social bookmarking sites included in your database come with do follow status?

A. Yes, all the social bookmarking sites in our database come with do follow status. You will therefore be able to get maximum benefit from our social bookmarking packages.

What will be the minimum PR of the social bookmarking sites that you use in your service?

A. All the social bookmarking sites will have a minimum of PR 4. This will greatly boost your website’s online visibility as your website will also get better PageRank when you get links from high PR social bookmarking sites.

How to place the order for your social bookmarking service?

A. To place your order you should first review the packages that we have for you. Review the package details and choose a package that fits your budget and requirements. Once you have selected the social bookmarking package click on the ‘Buy Now’ package and follow the user friendly instructions.

What kind of report will you send me at the completion of the service?

A. All the social bookmarking packages come with free reports. Your report will contain information on the links that we have built for you and the list of social bookmarks made. We will include the landing pages of all your links and you can easily cross verify.

Does your company give importance to customer satisfaction and good customer support?

A. Yes, of course our company gives top priority for customer satisfaction. We also offer our customers with the highest standard customer service. You will certainly not regret choosing our company for your social bookmarking needs.