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Key Features & FAQ - Link Baiting Service

Features Of Our Link Baiting Service :

Natural link building strategy.

Fastest way to acquire the highest number of back links.

Helps in projecting authority figure in your niche.

Drives highly targeted traffic to your website.

Packages include free social bookmarking.

Highly interesting articles written by top experts.

All the articles will be relevant to your niche.

Just a one time fee for the service; no further payments for the back links.

You will have full control over the process.


What is link baiting?

A. Link baiting is the process of creating good quality content that is relevant to your website to be used as bait for links. The articles will be posted in your blog and popularized in the social bookmarking sites. When other bloggers and website owners come across your blog articles they will be prompted to link to your articles.

How does link baiting help me get good ranking in Google?

A. As our link baiting service brings good quality one way links Google will acknowledge your efforts and boost your website’s ranking in the search results. All the links that come to your website through this process are natural links. Google in particular loves natural links and will reward your website for accordingly.

Who will come up with the article titles? Can I suggest article topics?

A. We have highly experienced writers that will create good quality articles. Our writers will come up with the titles for the articles. In case you should have your preferences for the article topics you can always share your preferences with us.

Can I suggest keywords to be targeted in the articles?

A. Yes, you can and must suggest keywords when you place your order. We will incorporate the keywords in your articles professionally without compromising on the quality of the articles.

Where will you post the articles you create as link bait?

A. We will post the articles in your blogs. The blogs should be directly connected to your website.

What if I don’t have a blog installed already?

A. If you do not have a blog installed already we will install the blog free of charge for you. If you want the blog to have the look and feel of your website we will charge a nominal fee for the customization.

What are your charges for the link baiting service?

A. You just need to pay a one time fee for the service. Our prices are based on the number of link bait articles. You can choose a package that fits your budget. There are no other charges expect if you want to have your blog customized to match your website.

Do you charge any additional fee for the social bookmarks?

A. No, we do not charge any additional fee for the social bookmarks. The prices indicated include social bookmarks as well. You just need to pay what is indicated in the package details. There are no other hidden charges; our pricing is always crystal clear and transparent.