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Key Features & FAQ - Directory Submission Service

List of Directories :

Key Features :

The most effective link building strategy.

One way links from high PR directories.

Permanent links.

Better traffic to your website.

Improved search engine placements.

100% manual submissions.

Works equally well for all types of websites.

Search engine friendly, phased submissions.

Excellent for deep linking needs as well.


Do you offer manual directory submission service?

A. Yes, our company offers 100% manual directory submission service. We will submit to every single directory manually. We do not make use of any automation tools.

What types of directories are included in your database?

A. We include only the most popular and the best web directories. All the directories will be high PR directories and they will have a minimum pagerank 2. Moreover, we will only include web directories that allow the links to be indexed.

Will the links I get be one way links?

A. Yes, all the links you get for your website will be one way links. You are not required to exchange links with any third party sources. Your website’s integrity will be held intact as there will be no out going links from your web pages.

Are these links permanent links?

A. Yes, all the links you get from our directory submission service will be permanent links. Once the directories approve your links, they normally do not remove the links from the listing as long as your links comply with the submission guidelines.

What is the fee for your directory submission service?

A. Our company strives hard to offer all the link building services at the lowest prices. Our directory submission services too are priced very nominally. You will be able to find packages that fit within your budget.

Why do you call your directory submission service as search engine friendly submission?

A. Our directory submission service is a very search engine friendly approach because our directory submission experts come with very good experience. We make use of only manual submissions and avoid the use of automated submissions. Moreover, when you choose high volume packages, we will not make all the submissions at one go, we will rather make the submissions in a phased manner so that your links count increases gradually. You can therefore count on the effectiveness of our directory submission service.

Will you be submitting the links from a unique email address created for my order?

A. Yes, we will make the submissions from a unique email address. We will send you the login credentials once the submissions are completed.

How many keywords can I suggest for the directory submission packages?

A. You can suggest up too 10 keywords and 10 titles for the submissions. We will create various combinations with the titles and keywords that you recommend. This will make each link submission unique.

What is your company’s response time for support tickets?

A. We normally respond to support tickets within 24 hours. You can be sure of getting the best customer support from our company. All our support agents are well trained and knowledgeable about the services we offer. Every time you get in touch with us we will help you in the best way possible.