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Key Features & FAQ - Blog Commenting Service

Key Features of Blog Commenting Service :

Permanent one way links.

Links from high PR blogs.

Comments posted only in ‘do follow blogs.

Professionally created comments.

Manual commenting process.

Comments relevant to blog discussion.

Detailed report to enhance the transparency of the service.

Competitive rates.

Good customer support.


What is blog commenting and how does it help my website?

A. Blog commenting is the process of submitting comments to blogs with the intention of getting back links for the desired pages. When you hire our blog commenting packages you will be able to get good quality, permanent one way links for your website. Your website’s online popularity will improve greatly with our blog commenting service.

Will you spam the online blogs to create links for my website?

A. No, we do not spam the blogs. We handle your orders very professionally and your website’s reputation will be fully guarded.

Will the submissions be approved by the blogs?

A. Yes, all the comments posted in the blogs will be approved and hence you will get the best value for your money.

What is the cost of your blog commenting service?

A. The cost for our blog commenting service depends on the package you choose. We have very cost effective blog commenting packages for your requirements.

How do you post the comments in the blogs?

A. We will post the comments manually to the blogs and we do not use any auto submission tools.

Do you use any templates for the comments?

A. No, we do not use any readymade templates for the comments. Each comment will be custom written to suit the online blog discussions so that the comments will blend with the discussions and look natural.

Can I choose my keywords?

A. Yes, you are free to choose your keywords for your blog commenting package. Our experts will incorporate the keywords in the comments we create.

Is this strategy useful for deep linking needs?

A. Yes, of course. You can make use of our blog commenting service for your deep linking needs as well.

Does the package include any reports?

A. Yes, our blog commenting packages also include free reporting. You will get a detailed report with the complete list of posts that have been made for your package.

Is your blog commenting service suitable for all types of websites?

A. Yes, you can effectively make use of our blog commenting service for all kinds of websites. Your website will benefit regardless of your niche industry.

How reliable is your company’s customer support?

A. We enjoy very good reputation in the link building industry and our customer support is one of our strong points. You will be able to get in touch with our customer support team easily through phone and through email. You will also be able to interact with our team through the customer admin panel and keep track of your order through the same. All your questions and concerns will be addressed in 24 hours. Our company gives top priority to customer satisfaction.