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Key Features & FAQ - Article Submissions

List of Article Directories :

Key Features of Article Submissions :

Highly comprehensive solution takes care of both article creation and article submission.

Reliable approach to natural link building.

100% manual submissions.

Highest standard articles created by experienced writers.

Search engine friendly, keyword rich articles.

The fastest turnaround time for article creation and submission.

Very competitive pricing.

High PR one way links.


What are the top benefits of your article submission service?

A. You will get good quality one way links for your website by hiring our article submission packages. Your website’s visitor traffic rate will improve greatly and so will your online visibility as we will post your articles only in high traffic article directories.

How to keep track of my article submission order?

A. You will be able to keep track of your order by logging into your customer admin panel. You will be sent regular updates at every stage of the process. You can also get in touch with us easily anytime through email or phone.

Do I need to send you the articles?

A. No. You are not required to send us the articles. We will create the articles and the pricing includes article creation.

What will be the length of each article that you create?

A. Each article will have a minimum of 500 words. This is the ideal length of the articles for submission purposes.

Will you be sending the articles created to me before submissions?

A. Yes, we will send you the articles before they are submitted. You will need to review the articles and approve them before we submit the articles to the article submission sites.

What if I don’t like the articles that you create?

A. In case you don’t like the articles that we create for some valid reason we will review your feedback and send you a revised article and this will be reviewed on case by case basis. We would like to ensure that you are fully satisfied with our service.

Can I also send my own article for the submissions?

A. Yes, you can also send your own articles that you may have already and we will submit the articles. However, this will not have any effect on the pricing of the packages.

Will you get me links from ‘do follow’ article submission sites?

A. Yes, all your website’s links will come from do follow article directories.

Are the links that I get natural links or will I face any problem with the search engines?

A. Yes, the links you get from our article submission service are natural links. You will not have to worry about the safety of your website in any way as our company uses highly search engine friendly approach.

Do you make use of any auto submission tools to submit my articles?

A. No, this is a 100% manual submission service. We will submit your articles to the article directories manually. We do not make use of any auto submission tools.

Do you send any reports once the submissions are completed?

A. Yes, you will get a detailed report with links to all the directories to which we have submitted your articles.